February 27, 2024

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Book Three “Chapter Eighteen: Sozin’s Comet, Part 1: The Phoenix King”

Aang learns he has a deadline he didn't see coming.

Well, here we are.  The last story.  A four-chapter episode that originally ran as one long episode.  But me being me, I am going to watch it one chapter at a time and write them up as I go like I do everything else.

Netflix probably won’t like that very much.

Sozin’s Comet is coming, and in three days, the day when firebenders will have all their powers boosted.  Aang was going to bring the Fire Lord down before this, but he didn’t get there.  And since his firebending (and, according to Toph, his earthbending) isn’t up to snuff, Aang and the others decided to wait until after the comet passes by and the Fire Lord goes back to normal power levels before they take him on.  That seems really smart.  OK, no one told Zuko about it, but it’s smart.

Yeah, it turns out Zuko knew something he wasn’t saying either because he assumed Aang would deal with the Fire Lord before that point.  That planning meeting Zuko attended?  Yeah, the Fire Lord has plans.

When the comet flies by, he’s going to burn the entire continent the Earth Kingdom sits in.

Yes, it was Azula’s idea.

That was one of the things that made Zuko decide to quit.

Now he needs to get Aang ready.  And everything is going well with one small problem:  Aang won’t kill anybody.

Yeah, Zuko, Sokka, all the others think Aang needs to kill the Fire Lord.  But Aang hates violence.  The Fire Lord, awful though Aang knows he is, is still human, and Aang doesn’t want to kill a human.

He figures there must be another way.  No one else agrees.

And then Aang disappears.  His footsteps went to the shore, and we got a glimpse of something off there that looked like a moving island, plus Momo went with him, but the others missed all that.

So, as the others scramble to look for Aang, the group turns to Zuko, who does have a lot of experience finding Aang.  No such luck, though Toph tried going off with Zuko to have her own deep revelations like Sokka and Katara did.  I guess she did.

Moot point.  They can’t find Aang.  He’s not in the spirit world because his body would still be there.  The only thing to do is find that expert tracker Zuko once hired to find Aang.

Then again, Aang wakes up with Momo on a mysterious island and no idea how he got there, so they may be looking for a while.

He better not be.  The Fire Lord just made Azula the new Fire Lord while he gave himself the title “the Phoenix King”.  Azula almost threw a tantrum when he first told her she was staying behind because he was treating her like Zuko.

Man, the fall of these two will be so worth it…