September 24, 2023

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The Umbrella Academy “A Light Supper”

Season Two, Episode Six.

There’s a moment in this episode where, now that the six siblings have all received an invitation from their adoptive father for a “light supper” that Vanya, still suffering from amnesia, is the only one in any way excited to meet him.  Luther and Diego then tell her exactly what he did to her, arguably getting the worst treatment that any of the Hargreeves kids received, and her reaction is to call the old man awful and then repeat excitedly that she really wants to meet him.

You know, amnesiac Vanya is kinda awesome.

But here we are.  The six living siblings are there with poor Ben hanging around in the background for only Klaus to see.  Their day hasn’t been going all that well from what we saw.  Allison showed Ray her powers, and he finally got why they’re dangerous but then asked how he was supposed to know she didn’t make him love her, and that really bummed her out good.  Klaus tried to disband his cult by confessing he was a fraud and all his wisdom was from song lyrics for songs that haven’t been written yet, but not only does that not work, but Klaus’s future dead boyfriend comes by to say he signed up for the Army a few days early.

As for the others, Five got a job offer he’s not yet willing to take.  And the others are just hanging out.

So, will this dinner with a man who is about as emotionally available as a wet sponge go well?  Of course not.  Klaus is acting weird.  Diego demands to know why Sir Reginald is involved in an assignation attempt that won’t happen for two days.  Vanya destroys a centerpiece with her powers.  Ben gets to possess Klaus long enough to say “I’m Ben” and that’s it.  Allison stays cool and distant.  Luther wants an apology for something that hasn’t happened yet.  And Sir Reggie dismisses the lot of them as losers and failure…except for Five, the most mature one and the only one who came forward with a real plan.

Five gets some advice to think in terms of moving forward in seconds as opposed to decades.  Those can make all the difference.  Otherwise, the future old man can’t help.  He maybe wouldn’t anyway, but he certainly can’t help.  As such, Five takes a commission from the Handler to eliminate the Board for the time travel group he used to work for in exchange for a trip back to 2019 and no more apocalypse.


Granted, the Handler already sicced the remaining Swedes on the others, and those guys took out the conspiracy theorist Diego and Five have been staying with.  Luther and Diego find that with “an eye for an eye” written in blood on the floor.  In Swedish, so that may mean something and I only know because Wikipedia told me so.

That Handler woman is rather awful.  There are no good parents on this show…