April 19, 2024

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Doom Patrol “Sex Patrol”

Season Two, Episode Four.

You know, I somehow suspect this is an episode I shouldn’t do a write up for on my work computer.

Good thing I didn’t!

There’s a problem.  OK, a couple problems, but it mostly boils down to Jane isn’t in control of the body for the moment as the different personalities try to figure out which one should be running the show, and Dorothy may or may not be a child depending on whom you ask.

See, Dorothy accidentally broke Danny the Brick, onetime Street and babysitter for Dorothy for the better part of a century, where she was kept hidden from, oh, everybody.  That includes the Dannizens living above her.

And then those people show up at Stately Doom Manor to have a party.  Why?  Parties revive Danny.  Duh.

For the most part, the party is a success.  OK, Larry isn’t cheered by it, but Vic is feeling better, the Chief gives Ecstasy to Cliff and lets the robot-man get high, and Rita…um…

Rita almost destroyed the world.

And that wasn’t because Rita gave Dorothy some lipstick under the idea a century-old person isn’t a child and can be beautiful.  The Chief disagrees.  And he sends her to bed just as soon as Danny wakes up but before he fully reassembles himself.

She doesn’t stay there, but that’s a problem for later.

Rita, on her own, asks Flex for help controlling her powers.  He says she needs to clear her mind.  She says she needs an orgasm to do that, and his flexing gave her a great one once.  Can he localize it so it only hits her and not everyone in the house?

Oh, wait.  That woke up a sex demon.  It’s male and pregnant, and the sex ghosts that come with it are surely there to remind us all this show is now running on HBO Max.

Fortunately, there are specialists for that sort of thing, and that would be the SeX-Men.  They look kinda like Ghostbusters.  See, if the demon, The Shadowy Mr. Evans, gives birth to his baby, said baby will cry and eliminate all the world’s children.

That’s bad.

Cue Jane.

See, Jane is in lockup in the Underground, and different personas are trying to see who can be the main personality to protect Kay.  These folks aren’t interested in hanging out with the Doom Patrol at all.  But none of them seem to be getting along too well.  And then, well, one SeX-Man explains what the sex demon baby will do, and since the others are all about protecting Kay, who is essentially a child, there’s only one thing to do:  let Hammerhead, the superstrong, bad-tempered, foul-mouthed persona out to deal with it.

She’s gonna have to.  Anyone who gets too close to Evans starts to have an orgasm that can’t be ignored.  Rita is out of it.  Flex doesn’t know what’s going on.  Larry and the Chief can’t enter the room.  Cliff could, but he’s as high as a kite and won’t hurt a baby.  That leaves Jane/Hammerhead to push her way in and shove the baby back inside the sex demon, banishing it back to…wherever it came from.

And getting a hug from a sky-high Cliff sends Hammerhead away and Jane can come out again.

So, problem solved?  Well, Danny won’t take Dorothy back because that would be wrong, but he came back as a tire and leaves with all the Dannizens.  Rita, still a bit out of it, changes her story when Dorothy asks again if she’s beautiful.  This time, Rita suggests Dorothy could have other talents…and that’s a bad thing to say.

That’s the kind of thing that might have Dorothy inviting one of her scarier imaginary friends out.

But it wouldn’t be Doom Patrol if one character or another didn’t say something to undermine someone else in the most thoughtless manner possible.