December 5, 2021

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Doctor Who “The Trial Of A Time Lord: Terror Of The Vervoids Part 10”

The Sixth Doctor. "The Trial of a Time Lord: Terror of the Vervoids," Episode Ten.

The Doctor believes someone has tampered with his evidence at his trial.  Perhaps they have.  I don’t know yet, but I trust the Doctor more than I do that Valeyard dude.

But then there’s the story within the story as Mel screams when the friendly dude dies of electrocution.  That attracts some guards, and while one stays behind with the body, the other takes Mel away to stand trial or something because she was the one found with the body even if she was panicking like crazy next to it, hardly the act of a murderer.

And then something comes out of the pods in the Hydroponics Lab, shooting out flowers like, um, a xenomorph’s inner mouth, suggesting that if Doctor Who is going to steal, it’ll steal from the best.  I’m guessing that’s the Vervoids, and I am further guessing we don’t see that guard again mostly because we learn later we don’t see the guard again.  That and there seem to be plants running around killing folks.

And somehow, the Doctor needs to convince people he’s not killing people, and neither is Mel, who gets rather superior when she deduces there must be a killer on the ship that was killing people before anyone realized the killing had started.  That’s potentially a lot of killing, so it’s a good thing Mel is there to tell everyone that.

And that’s before they find another corpse, this one an undercover investigator.

But if the plants are the problem and the pods are empty when Mel and the Doctor check again, the only thing to do is talk to an expert, like Honor Blackman’s Professor Lasky.  Since Mel and the Doctor found some weird seeds, maybe she can say where they came from.  And letting the Doctor do the talking doesn’t quite work because she thinks he’s a clown already and then a thief, but give her a minute with Mel and she won’t shut up.

What does the Doctor learn from her?  Looks like not much aside from how to be rude to a Time Lord.

As it is, the Doctor and Mel check a lab later.  They find a woman in there…a woman who seems to be part plant.

Cue Mel’s screaming again.

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