May 19, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “The Zenith”

Season Eight, Episode Twelve.

After so many episodes of spinning in place, Voltron: Legendary Defender decides to wrap everything up in the final three episodes with a lot of direct action as Honerva may end up destroying all of reality to get back what she wants.

And I am having a hard time caring.

Yeah, I got total apathy by now.  I rather liked this show, odd and weird episodes included, for most of the series’s run.  And then we get to the end and it wastes my time before finally getting somewhere.

Then again, maybe it’s because Honerva doesn’t carry the weight as the series’ Big Bad the way Zarkon and Lotor did.  She was a henchman to Zarkon for a good period of the series’s run, and now she’s this nearly unstoppable reality killer?  And her motive is to get her family back?  There’s probably something to be said about how the female villain can’t cope without her husband and son, but I suspect people far more eloquent than me can do it and do it better.

And even with everyone, and I do mean everyone turning on her, Honerva still manages to merge mechs and go into the void.  Volton is too small to fight the mech and the Atlas can’t survive the trip.

So, the balmera all get together and merge Voltron and the Atlas into a super-robot.

You know, 1) I didn’t know they could do that, and 2) I didn’t much care.

Point is, as Coran and whatever allies in the “main” universe do what they can to keep the rift open for as long as they can and Voltron-Atlas, with all the Paladins including Shiro along for the ride, can maybe stop Honerva, but given Voltron’s track record against mechs, I am not sure it can.

And it will get worse, because Honerva does find the reality she wants, one where she died and an uncorrupted Zarkon and Lotor still live, and it doesn’t work because Baby Lotor won’t accept her since his mother died.  And then Zarkon agrees.

So, she’s gonna destroy everything.

She really sucks.

So, two mechs, one to save us all and one to end it.

Well, it ends either way next episode.

You have one last chance to change my mind, Legendary Defender.