April 23, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Trial Of A Time Lord: Mindwarp Part 8”

The Sixth Doctor. "The Trial of a Time Lord: Mindwarp," Episode Eight.

Wait a minute…I think the Doctor is being railroaded.

See, obviously the Doctor isn’t evil.  He was playing a (very) long con, and once Peri, BRIAN BLESSED, the wolfman, and BRIAN BLESSED’s new army were all captured and Sil and Kiv are getting to a place of triumph, he makes his move to rescue everyone.

Granted, Peri was already taken away.  Kiv’s first replacement body is rejecting his brain, but a substitute from the prisoners might do.  And Peri’s skull is just the right size.

However, BRIAN BLESSED is now smitten with her after she gave a brief explanation of what love is and he explained how his people’s afterlife works (kinda like a cross between Vahalla and reincarnation).

Now, all this looks like the somewhat standard Doctor rescue episode, but then something happens:  the TARDIS appears and the Doctor, in a trance, boards it.  That’s how he got to the trial.  Apparently, the Time Lords saw Kiv as a major threat and needed BRIAN BLESSED to take him and the scientists responsible out.  But by then, Kiv was in firm control of Peri’s body.  So, it looks like Peri is dead.

So, why is the Doctor on trial?  Sure, the Valeyard can claim the Doctor’s interference caused a lot of problems, but the Time Lords had set BRIAN BLESSED up to take out a threat to the universe.  Had the Doctor only stayed away, Peri would still be alive.

Why would the Doctor know about these plans he was not involved in?

He’s right.  Something is up with all this, and he better find out what.

Now, normally, I’d say something about Peri here, but I’m gonna hold off until we get to the end of the Sixth Doctor’s tenure in another six episodes or so.  But next, we get a new companion for the Doctor that from what I’ve seen may be one of those companions that seems to be on the Adric scale of popularity,