September 29, 2022

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Doctor Who “The Trial Of A Time Lord: Mindwarp Part 7”

The Sixth Doctor. "The Trial of a Time Lord: Mindwarp," Episode Seven.

So, I know the Doctor’s supposed to be on trial for interfering and all, but why is he really on trial?  Because this is starting to feel more and more like a court of the more kangaroo variety.

I mean, here’s what he and the assembled Time Lords are watching:  BRIAN BLESSED almost kills the Doctor, but Peri prevents it, and BRIAN BLESSED may be a bit sweet on her.  Peri’s distraction does allow the Doctor to escape, and once he gets back to Sil and the others, he jumps right into helping SIl’s boss Kiv transfer his mind from his dying body to a brand new, younger one.

Say, what kind of boss is Kiv?  Well, he’s a lot like Sil, only beyond the whole ugly capitalist thing he also has some brutal dictator traits tossed in, so everyone involved better get the whole mind transfer thing right.

And…it sort of works.  For a bit.  But this is only the third part of this part of the story, so we need some wrinkles, and it’s weird enough seeing the Doctor not only working with Sil, but also snacking with him and suggesting profit opportunities.

That said, Peri has different problems, namely that BRIAN BLESSED wants an army to finish getting back at Sil and the others.  Now, there were some rebels outcasts, and they do have potential.  They also capture Peri, the wolfman, and BRIAN BLESSED, and BRIAN BLESSED won’t beg.

Peri will.  And that works.  BRIAN BLESSED gets some followers.  That is hardly a problem.  He’s BRIAN BLESSED.  It’s what he does.

But then, leading his new army back, BRIAN BLESSED, Peri, and the others are ambushed and possibly killed.

Cut back to the trial, as the Valeyard blames the Doctor for those deaths.  The Doctor, rightfully, thinks he’s not responsible for all that because, well, he wasn’t even in the room when it happened.  But the Valeyard disagrees.  If the Doctor wasn’t on the planet, none of this would have happened.

Actually, I think BRIAN BLESSED would have still been in trouble, but I might just be smarter than the Valeyard if that’s the case.

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