February 27, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Trial Of A Time Lord: Mindwarp Part 6”

The Sixth Doctor. "The Trial of a Time Lord: Mindwarp," Episode SIx.

You know, it sure does seem weird that Sil has a superior that he seems to like and respect.

Well, more accurately, he at least he fears the guy.

Well, when last we saw the Doctor, he was being zapped in the brain and might have had his mind switched or something, but then the awesome happens.

BRIAN BLESSED wakes up, busts loose, knocks some guards for a loop, grabs his helmet so he looks like some kind of space samurai, and runs off for the tunnels.  Peri follows with the Doctor.

Let’s face it, even if I did wonder if the space samurai look was maybe racist, this is the most BRIAN BLESSED character possible.  Sure, he says his name is King Yrcanos, but I’ll never remember how to spell that, so he’s BRIAN BLESSSED.  An alien warlord, he wants quick and violent revenge and doesn’t understand what Peri means by “politics”.

Peri also says something about an actor being in charge where she’s from, so hey, Ronald Reagan reference given Peri is allegedly American.

Now, none of this matters much to BRIAN BLESSED.  He’s going back to get revenge and find his friend.  Will Peri and the disoriented Doctor help?  Probably.

Or not.  The Doctor gives away their ambush position just before BRIAN BLESSED can start kicking ass, so the bombastic warlord (AKA a BRIAN BLESSED character) makes a run for it.  Peri, confused, also runs away.  Apparently, whatever Sil’s pet scientist did to the Doctor made the Doctor more amenable to whatever Sil is doing.

So, I guess the Doctor is evil now?

Pay it no mind.  Peri actually gets a job as a serving girl and manages to get back to the Doctor, dismayed to see him acting like he is while BRIAN BLESSED finds the wolfman who happens to be his friend.  And those two confront the Doctor as the episode ends.

Now, during the trial, the Doctor has no recollection of these events, so he thinks the Valeyard might be pulling a fast one.  And he’s still not sure what this trial is all about anyway…