February 27, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Trial Of A Time Lord: Mindwarp Part 5”

The Sixth Doctor. "The Trial of a Time Lord: Mindwarp," Episode Five.

Well, the first four episodes, according the Valeyard, were set to show a typical adventure of the Doctor’s in order to demonstrate how things keep going wrong and what crimes the Doctor commits since he keeps exploring worlds he should be leaving alone.

Or something.  I’m still a little unsure why the Doctor is on trial in the first place.

But hey, the TARDIS is on yet another planet, the technicolor dream world of Thoros Beta.  There are some caves there for the Doctor and Peri to explore.  And they should.

Because some dipspit scientists look like their experimenting on BRIAN BLESSED.  Sure, his character has a name, but it’s BRIAN BLESSED.  That’s the only name I feel like calling him.  He’s BRIAN BLESSED.

He has no lines in this episode.

Who does?  You know, besides the Doctor and Peri, exploring the caves.  They get caught by some guys, escape, go deeper, meet a wolfman who may or may not be friendly, and then see disgusting worm Sil, who tried to turn Peri into a bird once.  She’s still a bit mad about that.

Well, Sil has a boss who’s dying.  And there’s a way to maybe fix that by transferring his mind to a new body.  That’s what they’re doing to BRIAN BLESSED.

And they grab the Doctor and start to do it to him too.

Does all this have a point for the Valeyard?  I don’t know.  They did ask the Doctor a bit about his companion, and I gotta wonder…where is Peri right now anyway?