July 22, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Uncharted Regions”

Season Eight, Episode Eleven.

OK, Voltron: Legendary Defender, you have three episodes left to try to win me back with something cool.  You wasted a lot of time with nonsense episodes for much of the final season, spinning wheels when you should have been ramping towards a big finale.  Did you pull something off here or am I gonna still be mad about all this?

I’m still gonna be mad about all this.  And this episode actually had some action.  No Voltron, true, but there was action.  The onetime Haggar merged some mechs to find a universe where her family still lived despite the fact that would destroy many realities in the process.  She may not know that and she may not care.

So, why am I still mad about this?  Because so much of this episode was just wasting time.  Allura is still in a coma, Shiro and Keith come up with alternate plans to find more support and tap another Balmera for power to make a super-ray gun.  Allura wakes up in time, but then Honerva/Haggar sends the Altaeans that got themselves deprogrammed to tap the Atlas‘s power source to power Honerva’s own mech.  That would kill these Altaeans, and besides the fact there was apparently no armed guards protecting the bridge of the Atlas, I had a hard time trying to care what happened to these characters I barely knew anything about.

Why should I care about the Altaeans who don’t even seem to have names?

Sure, one of the ones working for Honerva tries to stop her boss when she realizes what was going on, but that gets her killed, and then it doesn’t matter because Honerva just takes the power from the Balmera Hunk came back with.

And I don’t care.

This plan just got shoved into the viewer’s face at the last minute after a lot of screwing around with not much happening.  Lance and Allura are a couple?  Sure, why not?  How much do I care about that?  Truthfully, not much.  The romance aspect, on her side, seemed to come out of nowhere.  Sure, he’s been pining for her for a while now, but what made her want to be with him so quickly?

But at least those two have something going on!  What are Keith, Hunk, Shiro, Coran, or Pidge doing lately?

Why did the show try to make me care about those four pilots who got the fancy jets?  There’s only four of them, and I never even really learned their names or got a sense of their respective personalities.  And yet, so much time has been spent with them doing not much.  It’s just another sign that there are too many characters vying for my attention right now, and they aren’t given enough time for us to let us get to know them.  I used to joke that the cow disappeared for long periods of time, but the mice have been barely seen in this final season, and they used to be treated as regular characters.

So, two more episodes left after a series I was enjoying started to feel like a waste of time, and these episodes aren’t even a half-hour long each.