September 21, 2023

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The Umbrella Academy “The Majestic 12”

Season Two, Episode Four.

It’s time to play a little game:  who can make it worse?

Today’s lucky contestants are Luther and Five.

Five, we know, is abrasive and rude.  The others often don’t like or trust him.  Sure, Diego is all for following his lead, but that has more to do with Diego being (in his own mind) the self-righteous avenger of the night.  Five did find Vanya and convinced her to come along and make a second attempt to recruit Luther.  All that ended up with was Vanya getting more of her memory back and ditching Five for keeping things from her.  Luther, at least, flat-out told her.

On Luther’s side, after losing that underground fistfight, he lost his home and his purpose, so he ended up going back to Five anyway.  Mostly due to having nowhere else to go.  Allison did find him, but she has her own problems because Ray thinks she’s an undercover spy.  Why else would she convince the cop to stop hitting him just by talking to him?

You know…that’s a rather cool attempt to rationalize how Allison’s powers work if you’ve never seen them.

Point is, Luther arrives at Five’s after Five, Diego, and Lila have left to see a big soiree hosted by the Majestic 12, the secret movers and shakers behind everything.  That seems particularly true when they realize their father is going to be there.

Of course, so are the Silent Swedes.

But the thing Luther does to make it worse is he can’t stop telling people there’s another apocalypse coming.  Vanya and Allison took it in varying degrees of “fine”.  OK, Vanya ran back to the family she’s been staying with, got closer to the mother, and saved the son from drowning while Allison basically shrugged it off.  But then Luther gets high and tells Five’s conspiracy theorist roommate Eliot.

That…was probably a bad idea.

So, who makes things worse?  Special bonus inclusion for Klaus, but he mostly just makes things worse for Ben.

Answer:  Lila.  She’s the Handler’s (adopted) daughter, a young woman brought up to commit all kinds of acts of violence, a person who has been killing since she took out her prom date, and she has strict orders to protect Five.  Not Diego, whom she is screwing around with.  No, Five.  And since one of the Swedes can nullify Five’s teleportation…

Point is, she did save Five, but she also showed some weird fighting skills.  Methinks there’s more going on here…

Then again, there always is.