June 12, 2024

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Locke & Key “Crown Of Shadows”

Season One Finale.

I didn’t realize right away that the writer of the original series, Joe Hill, had a cameo in the final episode of the season.  Heck, I didn’t even know what he looked like if I am being honest.  But then I spotted a bearded paramedic who looked and sounded an awful lot like Hill’s famous father Stephen King, so I did a double check and I was right.

Of course, his artist for the series Gabriel Rodriguez is also there, but I had even less of an idea what he looked like.

But yeah, this is the end of season one, and Netflix did renew the show for a second season.  Plus, it isn’t exactly following the plot of the original comics so much as using the characters and concepts to tell a similar story.  That’s probably how adaptations like this should go so the creators don’t run into problems in the events they run out of material.  cough couch GoT cough.

Fortunately, they did save up the fireworks for this last episode as Dodge uses the Crown of Shadows to try and get the Omega Key, only to be struck down when Bode uses the Matchstick Key to destroy Dodge’s shadow, seemingly knocking her/him out, and with help from some friends from school, Tyler and Kinsey dump Dodge’s body into the other side of the Omega Door, presumably to never be seen again.

Of course, since this is a season and not series finale, it can’t be that easy.  And it isn’t because we learn at the end that not only was Dodge not banished, the kids banished Ellie instead after Dodge used the Identity Key on her and himself.  Not only was Ellie tossed in, but Kinsey is dating Dodge and not knowing it, and one member of their group, Eden, left possessed by one of those demon things.  Considering Eden was something of the school bully, I suspect no one will notice right away.

And that’s that.  The kids tell Nina they want to stay in Keyhouse (because kids always decide where they live when adults are making decisions), and we’re set for more in season two where I can honestly claim I don’t know what direction they’re going to go in.  Heck, I think Eden might be an original character for this version.

Was all this good stuff?  Good, but not great.  There’s a lot of high drama level material that I can generally do without, and that stuff spaced out the scares I would have preferred.  I don’t expect every Netflix horror series to be The Haunting of Hill House level good, but this one seemed to be aimed at a younger audience, and for that, it’s fine.  Heck, it’s better than a few other horror-in-theory shows I have seen (True Blood springs to mind).  I’m interested enough in Locke & Key to keep going when it comes back, though a part of me really hopes the pandemic doesn’t mean that kid playing Bode didn’t hit a major growth spurt by the time they do get everyone back.  All things being equal though, I likewise probably won’t rush to see the new season when it finally does come out.  I liked what I saw here, but I wouldn’t say I loved it.

For now, though, I need something to fill the Monday slots.  How about Hulu’s series about Catherine the Great called, well, The Great?

I had thought it was a mini-series, but Wikipedia says it was only the first season, so who knows?  At least I can judge for myself.