April 19, 2024

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Doctor Who “Revelation Of The Daleks Part 1”

The Sixth Doctor. "Revelation of the Daleks," Episode One.

Well, every Doctor has to face the Daleks sooner or later.

Granted, after one 45 minute episode (out of two) this one ends without the Doctor even laying eyes on one.

Then again, this one is very full of plot.  The TARDIS appears on the planet Necros, the place to go for funerals apparently.  The Doctor and Peri are there, in their best funeral blue (local custom)  for the friend of the Doctor who is dying.

Only, he isn’t.  The man’s daughter and another man find him being turned into a Dalek.  The Great Healer is doing that to him.

Said daughter does euthanize her old man, but then the two are captured.

Also, the Great Healer is Davros.  No one is getting healed.  He’s transforming them into a new breed of Dalek.  Peri spots one, but she’s never seen one before.  The Doctor missed it.  He didn’t miss the mutant that attacked them, a fellow Peri had to kill with a good blow to the head, but the mutant thanks her for it because he couldn’t stop himself from trying to kill things.

Meanwhile, a wealthy vendor working with Davros knows it’s Davros and hires a mercenary to hunt down and kill the Dalek creator once and for all.

Plus, Davros seems to be just a head on a lazy susan right about now.

See, that’s all plot and set-up.  The Doctor doesn’t know much about that yet.  But then again, he did find his own grave with his current face on it, and Davros does know he’s there.  Said giant stone slab starts to collapse on top of the Doctor to end the episode.

Also, there’s a disk jockey.  That guy I don’t get.

Well, that’s a lot of plot.  Will it all be tied up next time?  It better.  This is only a two-parter.