February 26, 2024

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The Umbrella Academy “The Swedish Job”

Season Two, Episode Three.

I want to take a minute to talk about Ray Chestnut, Allison’s husband.

He’s got a somewhat unique position for this show.

For the most part, we’ve seen the show focus mainly on the various Umbrella Academy siblings and their opponents, former colleagues, and the like.  We’ve seen very little of their interacting with, well, completely normal people.  Instead, it’s been talking chimps and time-traveling assassins.  What normal people we get are minor characters more often than not.  Ray Chestnut, the Civil Rights activist married to Allison in 1963, is not only a normal person, but he’s married to one of the Hargreeves siblings.  We haven’t seen a relationship like that.  True, Vanya’s relationship with the mother of the family she’s staying with could go that way, and Diego had an ex-girlfriend in the form of a cop in season one, but we haven’t seen much of Vanya’s potential something yet compared to Ray, and Diego’s ex had only a few short scenes before dying suddenly.

Ray is…different.  And here, in this episode, he’s starting to learn things about his wife by meeting two of her brothers.

First was Klaus.  Allison also sees Klaus in this episode, revealing she hasn’t used her powers because she wants to earn something for once.  Klaus gets it, but he formed a cult by using his powers, so that’s the opposite of Allison’s situation even as Ben did all the literal heavy lifting.

Of course, Klaus (with Ben) likewise did some tricks to get Ray out of jail, and he tells Ray that he’s his brother-in-law.  That seems…weird.

It gets weirder when a lovelorn Luther shows up at his house looking for Allison.  Luther didn’t know Allison was married, mentioned being related, and left after a very uncomfortable conversation.

Still, Ray wants some answers from Allison at the sit-in, and she does mention Luther by name.  Luther is at that moment getting knocked out in one of those bare knuckle fights he does since he’s so heartbroken, and Five and Vanya can’t do much but watch.

Yes, Five found Vanya after she used her powers to defeat the Silent Swedes during an attack in a cornfield.  She’s still an amnesiac, but she got her powers back and she likewise seems to accept Five’s explanation for what happened.  But there’s no normality there.

Anyway, Ray’s last straw is when he sees Allison use her powers to get a cop to stop beating him, and he takes off because that was too weird for him.  On the one hand, considering what the others do, that is rather minor.  On the other, Ray has been learning a lot about his wife he didn’t know before.

So, he’s the normal guy here.

Not normal?  Diego’s new love interest Lila.  And not because she’s from the same mental hospital he is.  No, she’s the Handler’s daughter, so more time traveling weirdos.