November 29, 2023

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Doctor Who “Timelash Part 2”

The Sixth Doctor. "TImelash," Final Episode.

Well, the Doctor is going to be tossed into the Timelash by a blue-skinned android if he doesn’t do something soon.  And that’s not counting what dangers threaten Peri.  Plus, that Herbert guy isn’t as useful as he wants to be.

Other than that, things seem to be going normally.

Fortunately, the Doctor did get something from Herbert’s place, namely a mirror which causes problems for the android, allowing the other rebels and Herbert to subdue those beekeeper guards and knock the android into the Timelash.  From there, the doors are secured and the surveillance cameras blocked.  Now, the Doctor can get to work freeing the planet from the Borad and stopping a war with the next planet over, where all the residents look like hand puppets.

Nice puppets, but still puppets.

Anyway, the Doctor does have a plan, and it involves securing himself with a good, solid rope and climbing down the Timelash to get some small crystals from the inside.  With that, he manages to rig a device that allows him to move without being seen right away.  Like, his actions happen ten seconds before anyone sees them.

It makes more sense when you watch the episode.

The Doctor is able to use that later when more androids and beekeeper guards break in.  The android explodes when the Doctor uses his device, the guards are subdued, and a wall comes down to show the Third Doctor’s face painted on an inner wall.

But the next wave is down, so the Doctor can leave the rebels to take the planet back while he goes to see the Borad and rescue Peri.  Herbert comes along because…well, he had to go somewhere.

And that turns out well.  See, the Borad…is kinda messed up thanks to an experiment with the monsters below the surface, making him half dinosaur or something.  Now he wants Peri to suffer the same fate so he can have a mate.  That requires the Doctor and Herbert to work together, and fortunately, the Doctor does have his time distortion crystal, first allowing him to fiddle with various controls, and then allowing the Doctor to deflect the aging ray back at the Borad, killing him.  Maybe.

From there, Peri is rescued, and the Doctor uses the TARDIS to deflect a missile from the hand puppet aliens.  Herbert was on board because you can’t get rid of that guy.  Peri wasn’t, and the Borad wasn’t dead because cloning.  However, the Doctor isn’t dead and he uses reason to point out that even if Peri is a monster, she may still loathe to look at the Borad, so threatening to kill her doesn’t make sense if the Borad wants to mate with her.  Besides, there was a mirror behind the Third Doctor mural, causing the Borad to loose it, and the Doctor knocks him into the Timelash,

That would be that.  Herbert says he wants to stay on this planet, but the Doctor thinks he’ll change his mind.  Mostly because Herbert’s full name on his business cards is Herbert George Wells, and he has some novels to write back where he came from.

Oh, and the Borad was probably mistaken for the Loch Ness Monster since he landed in 12th century Scotland.

Suits that asshole right!

Well, we’re almost done this weird season of longer episodes.  Up next is…well, let’s just say it’s some guys that every Doctor has to face off with sooner or later.