January 28, 2023

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Book Three “Chapter Two: The Headband”

Aang goes to school, but he's the one teaching lessons.

It looks like the Aang Gang is doing some looking around the Fire Nation as they prep for the eclipse, and that means hiding out in caves and hoping Appa forgets he hates being underground.

It means other things too, like how the kids steal some clothes off a line.  And while Sokka, Katara, and Toph can go to a restaurant for some food, it’s all meat, and vegetarian Aang opts to wait outside where he is discovered by authority figures!

Oh no!

Who think he’s skipping school because he’s wearing a school uniform.


But then he doesn’t know the proper salutes and the Fire Nation pledge of allegiance!  And the teacher says she knows where he’s really from!

Oh no!

She assumes he’s from a Fire Nation colony in the Earth Kingdom where the rules are a bit more lax.


That headband covering his forehead arrow really works…

Then again, Aang has other problems.  He knows the history of the Air Nomads better than the text books, and Fire Nation kids don’t dance.  And when a popular kid (and bully) thinks Aang is trying to steal his girlfriend, it leads to a fight where Aang dodges every punch, never lays a finger on the bigger kid, and he gets called to the principal’s office for a meeting with his parents (cue Sokka and Katara in disguises that shouldn’t work but do because this is a kids cartoon).

The biggest problem for Aang is these kids just aren’t having fun…so he invites them a dance party at his cave.  He can show them old Fire Nation dances that he knows because he’s been there before and when the authorities show up, a whole lot of kids in the same uniform with the same headband can distract long enough for Aang to escape.

I think stuff like this goes a long way to show the people of the Fire Nation are as much victims of the regime as everyone else.  Yeah, there are bullies and uptight principals, but there’s also a lot of people who could be friends if they just had a chance to have fun and even enjoy their nation’s actual traditions and heritage and not “ALL GLORY TO THE FIRE LORD” type stuff,

Oh, and while all this is going on, Zuko tries talking to Iroh, Iroh angrily ignores him, and Azula even seems worried for her little brother (I don’t believe that for a second).  Zuko is sure Aang is still alive, but he can’t really prove it, so he does what any reasonable man would do and hires a three-eyed assassin to hunt down Aang and kill him.

Wait, that isn’t reasonable.

Zuko, you had one job….

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