May 19, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Knights Of Light Part 1”

Season Eight, Episode Nine.

So, this late in the final season, we’re theoretically getting around to finally revealing Haggar/Honerva’s grand plan and motive…and then we get a history lesson.

You guys are really stretching this thing out as long as possible, aren’t you?

Now, to be fair, it’s not like this history isn’t important or nice to know.  Much of what’s been happening on the show goes back to the time of the first Paladins.  You know, King Alfor, Zarkon, and, uh, the other three.

But given how much of the final season feels like a waste of time, I am really questioning why we need this information now.  It couldn’t come sooner?

Never mind.

See, Allura did absorb that black orb and when she woke up, she thinks she knows how to figure out what Haggar/Honerva wants.  It involves using Voltron to send the Paladins to the spiritual plane or some such.  After a conversation with all the Paladin, Shiro, and Coran., that’s the plan.  Is it much of a plan?  Not where I’m sitting, but it’s still a plan.

And…well, it sort of works.  Sure, the Paladins go to the astral plane, but then all of them except for Keith gets sucked away to fight these shadowy figures that turn out to be four of the original five Paladins, and once saved from corruption, complete with flashbacks to how the Paladins were selected and stuff like that, so yeah, history lesson

Plus, all the old Paladins are proud of the new ones, and Lance had the least horrible meeting with a potential in-law ever with King Alfor.  Since Zarkon was the original Black Paladin, he isn’t there, but there is a next step as all the Paladins need to go into Honerva’s subconscious.

And then maybe, with three episodes after that one, we’ll have some freakin’ answers.