June 16, 2024

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The Umbrella Academy “The Frankel Footage”

Season Two, Episode Two.

Well, if all the different members of the Umbrella Academy are in Dallas just before the Kennedy Assassination, then you’d think they’d all go looking for each other.

OK, they all arrived at different times, Vanya at least has amnesia, and it seems like they don’t all even like each other in some cases.

That would explain Luther.  He doesn’t want to deal with Five anymore.  He’d just assume continue to work for Jack Ruby, even returning a wallet a drunken patron dropped when he hauled the guy out.  Then again, the guy was picked up by Vanya, and Luther has some strong feelings in regards to Vanya.

Mostly that means when he tracks her down later and sees she clearly doesn’t remember him, that he does something I don’t think Luther ever even considered before:  he apologizes for the terrible way he treated her even when she has no idea what that treatment was.

And Allison, who was found but not attacked by the group I am calling the Silent Swedes, almost found Klaus.  Allison’s husband got arrested for an assault she committed against a racist asshole, and she almost used her powers to free him but ultimately didn’t.  Instead, she waited at the prison for him to be released, and while she did that, her husband Ray bonded a bit with Klaus.  Klaus, it should be noted, has a cult and he got to leave, so good for him, I guess.

No, it looks like the only members of the Academy trying to do anything are Diego and Five because of course those two would work together on this.  Granted, Diego mostly wants to stop the JFK assassination, and his new helper Lila isn’t that helpful.  But then there’s the filmstrip Hazel stuck in Five’s pocket, one that shows another angle of the JFK assassination, and it shows…their father Sir Reginald Hargreeves was there with an umbrella.

Dude, this guy is, like, the worst father figure ever.

Especially when the brothers find his place of business, an umbrella company with a lot of creepy stuff in there, most notably lightbulbs that don’t stay lit.  Five finds a baby Pogo, who attacks him briefly and jumps out a window.  Diego finds a guy in a bowler hat and gets into a fight with him, pausing only when he sees it’s his dad, but I don’t think Diego has been born yet, so that pause earns him a knife to the gut.

Do the Hargreeves siblings ever win a fight?  They always seem to fight whoever to a draw regardless of their superpowers.

Never mind.  There’s a bigger problem.  The Handler didn’t die.  She got demoted, but she didn’t die.  And it looks like she just sent the Silent Swedes a kill order on Vanya…