July 21, 2024

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Book Two “Chapter Fourteen: City Of Walls And Secrets”

The Aang Gang learns that simply getting into Ba Sing Se is not going to be enough to stop the Fire Nation.

You know, I think there may be a problem with Ba Sing Se.  Then again, I heard a character clearly voiced by Clancy Brown, so I know that guy’s either making Crabbie Paddies or he’s up to no good.

And I don’t see a pineapple under the sea.

Yeah, Ba Sing Se is a little weird.  Aang and his friends need to find Appa and get vital intelligence to the Earth King about how firebenders will lose their powers during the upcoming solar eclipse.  They have a guide, a woman who won’t stop smiling named Joo Dee, but she keeps taking them anywhere but to see the king.

How’d they know Aang and company were there anyway?  Sure, they saved the outer wall, but…

Never mind.  I think I answered my own question.  Point is, even when Aang or Sokka tries to ask someone else, Joo Dee just shakes her head and the hapless citizen clams up tight.  Only Toph has a real idea what’s going on:  they are being “handled”.

The only thing to do is break into a fancy party.  Toph can surely teach manners like she can earthbending.  And she can…to Katara.  The boys (and Momo) will need to sneak in through a servant’s entrance disguised as bus boys.

By the by, the party is for the King’s bear.  Not a platypus bear or a skunk bear.  A bear.  The kids think Ba Sing Se is weird.

It’s more dangerous than that.  The king does show, but as soon as he does, security nabs Sokka, Katara, Toph, and Momo and then strongly suggests Aang go with them to meet one Long Feng, voiced by Clancy Brown.  Turns out he and his secret police types really run the city.  The king is a figurehead.  And there is to be no talk of war within the walls or else Aang may not be able to find Appa again.  And then another smiling woman shows up to be their chaperone.  Her name?  Joo Dee.

So, that’s creepy.

Meanwhile, Jet tries to expose Iroh and Zuko as firebenders when the two get restaurant jobs, but the pair never firebend.  Iroh, who’s enjoying himself, fits right in.  Zuko, when Jet finally tries to force the issue, defends himself very well without firebending.  Jet, by now, has been abandoned by everyone he knew in his obsession to bring down any and all members of the Fire Nation, and he has no evidence Zuko or Iroh are anything other than a pair of refugees, one of whom makes excellent tea.

So, Jet gets arrested.

And from the looks of things…he’s getting brainwashed.

This city sucks.