July 13, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Clear Day”

Season Eight, Episode Eight.

OK, hold on.  I know this show is supposed to be family-friendly and all, so I shouldn’t treat it like a serious drama or anything along those lines…but seriously, is this yet another downtime episode?  Did they run out of story ideas in season eight?

OK, let’s be fair.  There are some serious plot lines going on here.  Allura’s attempts to talk to Haggar’s former minions always seems to do something bad to them, and she managed to remove some kind of shadow thing from one of them.  She spends much of the episode alone as hallucinations of Lance and Lotor (does she have a thing for guys whose name begins with an “L”?) urge her to do something with the shadow thing until she does and goes into a coma.


The rest of the episode has the Paladins and the crew of the Atlas being more or less coerced into being security for some holiday called “Clear Day”.  Only Keith really takes it seriously and and he and Hunk get stuck on a “It’s a Small World” sort of ride.  Lance and Pidge try to win Allura a prize, Shiro wins an arm-wrestling contest against a former foe who sincerely congratulates him, Coran wins some other weird competition, and I don’t see the point.

Like, at all.

The universe is in grave peril, and we’ve had HOW MANY episodes in the final season where the plot sort of meanders through something silly or experimental and doesn’t seem to go anywhere?  I didn’t even remember the Warden from before, but this show has been running for quite some time, so maybe that isn’t that surprising.  It’s entirely possibly

There’s only five episodes of this show left.  Can we avoid more blatantly silly or pointless episodes from here?