July 21, 2024

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Doctor Who “Attack Of The Cybermen Part 2”

The Sixth Doctor. "Attack of the Cybermen," Final Episode.

So, Cybermen in the TARDIS, and the Cyber Leader wants Peri dead.  The Doctor is unarmed.  OK, he’s generally never armed.  What can he do to save Peri’s life?

Simple.  He can start the TARDIS’s self-destruct system.  Twenty seconds for the Cyber Leader to change his mind, and he really needs to deliver the Doctor, or more accurately the TARDIS, to the planet Telos, which may or may not be the Cyberman homeworld.

It isn’t.

The long and the short of it is the Cybermen took over Telos from the natives, a cold-environment race called the Cryons.  Cybermen can use the cold to do suspended animation for their own kind while having their rejects mine the planet for resources.

Now, the Doctor doesn’t know that much.

Instead, he can tinker with the TARDIS just enough to go to a different part of Telos.  And it’s a part of Telos that the Cybermen find somewhat…disturbing.

What scares a Cyberman anyway?  Those guys’ whole thing is they don’t feel anything.

Never mind.  It’s the hibernation area, and Cybermen who wake up here don’t come out quite right…

And heck, one of them does, allowing Peri, Lytton, and Lytton’s stooge to get away while the Doctor is throw into a cell with a Cryon named Flask.  Since the Doctor didn’t think any Cryons were left, that was a bit of a surprise.

Oh, here’s a bigger surprise: Lytton is actually on the right side this time.  Sure, he’s doing it for pay from the Cryons (they have more diamonds than they know what to do with), but the basic problem is the Cybermen want to divert a comet, namely Halley’s, from destroying the actual Cyberman home planet of Mondas by using a time ship to divert the comet into Earth instead.

That would suck for the human race.

So, with Peri learning from some Cryons and the Doctor from another, the only thing to do is get the TARDIS off Telos.  Flask has some temperature-sensitive explosives, the Doctor finds Peri, and the two of them manage to get to the TARDIS, leaving the explosives behind.  Lytton got himself caught and all his associates killed,   And the Doctor, who never trusted Lytton, goes back to save him when the Cybermen start to change the poor bastard.  That results in Lytton asking to die, then helping the Doctor take out some Cybermen before he dies and the Cyberman HQ explodes.

Yes, the Doctor welded a gun and shot some Cybermen to death.

Anyway, the Earth is saved, but the Doctor is in a foul mood since he misread Lytton, and all Peri can suggest is maybe next time the Doctor try listening.

So, this is how we start the Sixth’s Doctor first full season?  Well, not bad.  Perhaps it will get better.  At least I like the Doctor and Peri if nothing else.