March 24, 2023

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The Umbrella Academy “Right Back Where We Started”

Season Two, Episode One.

Well, we’re back with the dysfunctional family that set out to prevent the end of the world and then more or less caused it.

Superheroes need hugs and love too.

When last we saw the Umbrella Academy, they tried to stop their neglected sister Vanya from destoyring the world, but then Vanya’s powers were diverted when Allison got involved, Allison being the one sibling who tried to connect to Vanya while the boys were just knocked around like the chumps that they are.  And then, seeing a chunk of the moon coming to Earth, Number Five has a plan involving time travel.

And, of course, it doesn’t work.

Each of the siblings ends up in the same alley in Dallas, but they arrive spread out over time from early 1960 to November of 1963.  They all show up individually, you know, except for Klaus and Ben since Ben can only exist in the living world thanks to Klaus.  Number Five shows up last to see, well, war broke out because the Soviets invaded America.  And hey, his siblings are finally working together as a kick ass group.  Vanya is disintegrating tank shells!  Diego is redirecting bullets!  Luther is just tossing and hitting stuff!  Klaus is conjuring dead soldiers!  Ben is making soldiers dead!  And Allison is making heads explode!

Yeah, this is all kinds of messed up.  Hazel pops up to grab Five just before the nukes go off.

Now, ten days earlier, Five has to prevent another apocalypse, possibly caused by his siblings.  Hazel, looking older, might provide some answers, but then some Swedish assassins kill him.  So, can Five find the others?

Well, Diego is easy.  He’s in a mental hospital, railing about how he has to stop the JFK assassination that hasn’t happened yet.  Five decides to leave him there.

Klaus (and Ben) have a cult going.

Allison married a Civil Rights worker, and she’s a part of the movement after encountering Jim Crow within seconds of arriving in the past.

Vanya is amnesiac and working as a live-in nanny for the family that found her.

And Luther is a bouncer/underground boxer for Jack Ruby.

And if you wanna know how bad things are for Five, he finds Luther next, explains he needs to stop the end of the world, and Luther, the stalwart hero, the one who believed the longest, doesn’t care.

Yeah, this might be a bit rough.

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