July 21, 2024

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Book Two “Chapter Twelve: The Serpent’s Pass”

Familiar faces return, bringing a bit of happiness to Sokka and potential problems for Zuko as everyone heads off to Ba Sing Se.

Netflix opted, for the next two episodes, to set them up as one long one.  Around the halfway point, a new title card popped up for the next chapter/episode, but Netflix set it up as one long episode.

I’m gonna write it up as two because, well, I can.

And since this will happen again, we’ll see what happens.

Much of this episode deals with, well, reunions.  Everyone is headed for Ba Sing Se, the capital of the Earth Kingdom.  Iroh and Zuko are headed there to hide, and the Aang Gang has intelligence for the Earth Kingdom’s, um, King.  Sokka managed to get a map from the library showing there’s one path to Ba Sing Se from where they are.  That would be the serpent’s path.  But then a refugee family, including a pregnant woman, mention that the Serpent’s Pass is incredibly dangerous, so the thing to do is take a ferry.  Aang is trying to act disaffected in the wake of Appa’s disappearance, causing Katara to worry, and Toph’s wealth and family name almost got the Gang across by ferry since there were problems involving passports and Momo.

Naturally, the family with the pregnant woman can’t get across and Aang offers to escort them across the Serpent’s Pass.  And there’s a (sort of) familiar face to come along as Suki, initially sans make-up, is there and she opts to go along. Sokka is a bit overpretective, but not for the reasons he might have been before.  Before, it would have been sexism.  Here, it’s fear he’ll lose her the way he lost Yue, a fact he confesses during an overnight camp along the incredibly dangerous pass, a thin trail across some rocks headed over the water, and yes, there’s a big sea serpent there.

Nice touch:  Sokka explains about Yue to Suki while under a bright moon.

However, the trip across ends with the birth of the baby, named Hope, just as Aang gets his mojo back.  Suki returns to the ferry station after sharing a kiss with Sokka, and things are looking up on that end.  You know, until Aang goes up to the top of the wall around the city and sees the Fire Nation attacking with a large drilling machine.


Meanwhile, Zuko and Iroh are finding life among the refugees tiring…well, for Zuko at least.  But then he meets a young man named Jet with a proposition to steel food from the captain of the ferry since he eats really well.  Jet and his remaining gang are rather impressed and consider adding Zuko to their team but…well, those guys do have a strong hatred for the Fire Nation…