May 29, 2023

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Locke & Key “Dissection”

Season One, Episode Seven.

So, Sam Lesser showed up at the Keyhouse with the Matchstick Key.

Of course, that’s nothing since Tyler is making out with Echo and doesn’t know it.

Sam, the kid who shot and killed his guidance counselor Rendell Locke, the troubled kid with the abusive father (am I supposed to sympathize with him?), is at the Keyhouse, a place he learned about thanks to a sketch in Rendell’s office.  And a sketch that apparently works as a portal for Echo to talk to Sam to, urging him on to get some keys.

He’s at the Keyhouse now, and he wants the Head Key.  And we learn a few things when he takes Nina, Kinsey, and Bode hostage.

For one, Bode thinks Sam can’t take any key without Bode’s permission.  That isn’t true.  Granted, the key Sam swipes isn’t the Head Key.

For another, fearlessness from Kinsey is not as useful as we might have thought.  Then again, she does trick Sam into literally digging up her fear, and he manages to get rid of it by shooting it…but not killing it because you can’t kill an idea.

And Echo may not be as formidable as she appeared when she literally just drops the Anywhere Key for Tyler to pick up just as he realizes who and what she really is.

Now, Sam is dangerous, but putting the Head Key into his head shows he’s a victim too, but there is one other problem.  That would be when Echo comes in, stabs Sam, and easily takes the keys he had.  She gets the Anywhere Key back, claims the Head Key, and then leaves, leaving Nina wondering what’s going on and Sam….dying?  Yeah, Echo stabbed him and just took the keys.  That “you can’t take the keys without permission” thing only works for Lockes.  Sam is a Lesser.

What an unfortunate name for that sentence.

As it is, Bode had used the Ghost Key before, and Sam accidentally stumbles through that.  So, he’s a ghost, and his body is assumed dead when the cops show up.  Sucks to be Sam.

Am I supposed to feel bad for him?

I mean, he drove Nina to start drinking again…

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