July 22, 2024

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Book Two “Chapter Eleven: The Desert”

The Aang Gang are stuck in the desert without Appa while Iroh makes a connection nearby.

You know, as much as I dig this show, there is a part of me that wonders just how big these continents are since Iroh and Zuko always seem to be nearby wherever the Aang Gang goes.  At this point, I’m not sure those two are even trying all that hard and it’s mostly coincidence.


However, this is a good Katara episode.  With Appa taken away by sandbenders, Toph a bit more helpless than usual, and Aang getting mad and flying off to find Appa while the others are stuck in the desert near where the library used to be, who else is going to be in charge?  Sokka?

Well, maybe.  But Sokka (and Momo) found a cactus and decided to drink the water inside the plant.  That made the two of them hallucinate for most of the rest of the episode, meaning he was also not very useful.

So, that meant Katara had to keep everyone focused, ration what little water they had, and keep Aang calm when he finally comes back to the others.

Meanwhile, Iroh is more or less doing the same when Zuko asks why his uncle doesn’t talk to an old friend that isn’t trying to capture them.  And Iroh does.  He goes to the same village the Aang Gang visited, managed to get spotted by the two guys looking for Toph, but by then, Iroh had made contact with an old man that was part of a society Iroh belongs to that Zuko doesn’t.  Who are these people?  The White Lotus?  Well, that seemed to help, as they sneak the two guys out in some large flower pots to hide in the Earth Kingdom capital, a place even Iroh couldn’t break in and probably the safest place for them if they hide in plain sight.

Once again, even injured, Iroh is awesome.

Katara, on her end, is also awesome.  Toph manages to find a sand barge, from there they find a giant rock and some caves, and then they need to watch out for the buzzard bees that live there and the sandbenders that show up looking to catch some tresspassers.

And then Toph recognizes on of their voices as the dude who took Appa.

Uh oh.

OK, most of the sandbenders were not in on that.  And once Aang goes full Avatar, it takes Katara to calm him down again.  And now it looks like the group will be taken out to where Appa went, namely the Earth Kingdom capital, and…

…wait, where were Zuko and Iroh going?