June 23, 2024

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Into The Badlands “The Boar And The Butterfly”

Season Three, Episode Eleven

Well, this was a confrontational episode.

All kinds of people confronted each other.

There’s all kinda of confrontation here!

The Widow and Bajie!

Bajie went to the Master to warn the Abbots about Pilgrim, and instead, he’s sent to make peace with the Widow…through fighting!  Then they have to go find Sunny because he’s the main character and the key to defeating Pilgrim.

And there’s Nix and M.K.!

Nix wants out,  and M.K, wants to kill a traitor to the cause that, uh, I’m not sure even he could articulate beyond “follow Pilgrim”.  That fight goes badly for Nix until Sunny spears M.K. through and they leave that punk-ass alive.  M.K. then suggests Pilgrim go attack the Abbots because M.K. is an asshole.

Sunny and the Widow!

Well, that was a long time coming.  The two come to blows, and while Sunny seems to have the upperhand for most of the fight, the Widow actually wins in the end, and she wasn’t trying to kill him since Bajie and Nix made nice by then.  All four want to make sure the Mad Witch helps them, even if the Black Lotus is after a whole lot of them.

Lydia and Cressida!


OK, not a fight, but Cressida shows up at the Widow’s door with a pair of the Gifted, and Lydia manages to take care of it.  Cressida wants…tribute.  For Pilgrim.  Because they are those type of assholes.  No wonder M.K. likes them so much.  Lydia manages to successfully buy time.

Gaius Chau and Tilde meet…Chau’s mother!

Gaius wants to take his sister out, so that means asking his mama where the current Baron Chau is.  And she’s…quite the character.  She won’t hear of violence between her kids which is the only reason Gaius is still alive.  Also, probably why the timid half-brother is also still alive.  Granted, said half-brother does give away Baron Chau’s location, and the mean old lady with the electronic voicebox couldn’t stop him with her usual threats.  And while Gaius won’t raise a hand against his mean ol’ mama, he won’t stop Tilde from doing it for him, and both Chau brothers leave satisfied.

So, that’s a lot of confrontation.  And next episode, it’s Pilgrim vs. the Abbots.  So, more next week!

Then again, that could describe every episode of this show.  No wonder I dig it.  And I didn’t even get into how much Pilgrim is clearly losing his mind.