December 1, 2022

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Doctor Who “The Twin Dilemma Part 2”

The Sixth Doctor. "The Twin Dilemma," Episode Two.

You know, I’ve only seen two episodes so far, but I think I get why the Sixth Doctor bugged people.

I mean, I like the direction so far, but this story sucks.

Let’s face it:  change happens to Doctor Who, and sometimes it’s due to a new Doctor, and sometimes it’s due to a new showrunner.  This time, it’s a new Doctor, and it does seem as if the people working behind the scenes don’t quite know what to do with him just yet.  But unlike his immediate predecessor, this Doctor is so very..vital.  Like, I have a sure grip on the Sixth Doctor’s personality.  Maybe he’s a bit of a dick, but he still does the right thing.


Sure, there’s a pilot he pulled in from outside the planet where the Doctor was going to become a hermit, but then the guy woke up, blamed the Doctor for the death of his crew, and pulled a gun.

Fortunately, Peri is there to first distract the guy long enough for him to lose consciousness again and then to shame the Doctor into giving the guy first aid.  Plus, the pilot seems to be law enforcement.

But wait, what’s the villain plot for this one?  I am still not sure.  There’s Professor Edgeworth, who kidnapped those wooden twins, and then there’s a couple of bird men and what looks like a giant slug who took over Edgeworth’s planet.  What does the slug want?  Power that somehow the two mathematically gifted teenagers can give him.  That’s all I know so far.

And then…the twist!  The Doctor and Peri gets down to Edgeworth’s lair, and the Doctor knows the guy.  They’re both Time Lords, and Edgeworth is a friend.

That doesn’t mean he won’t leave the Doctor inside that lair to die as he transmatts away with the boys and the birds.  Sure, the Doctor is sure he can figure out the lock combination in a couple days even with millions of possibilities, but then they find a bomb ticking, so the Doctor has a lot less time.  He does figure out a way to use the trans-matt to send Peri back in time about ten seconds, putting her back in the TARDIS, and then he can do the same for himself if he waits a bit.

That may not have worked since the dome seems to explode before the Doctor gets back to the TARDIS.

Yeah, I somehow doubt they’re killing off the new Doctor before his first story is even over.  For one thing, we might need to care about Edgeworth at some point.  Who’s going to get us there?  Peri?  I think  not.

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