June 19, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Day Forty-Seven”

Season Eight, Episode Seven

Wait…another gimmick episode?


Sure, we could argue this isn’t so much a gimmick episode as a new way to move the story forward, and that could still be true.

But really, this whole episode is set up as some sort of “found footage” thing, as one of those four pilots, Kinkade (a name I will not remember next time) goes out to make a movie of a day in the life of the Atlas.

Um, is every character we’ve met so far on this ship?  I mean, the cow might be on board for all I know if the mice and the Holt family dog are hanging around.

So, we get to see the camera spinning out in Zero G during a monster attack, Veronica jump in to make things more “interesting,” Allura trying and mostly failing to get through to the Alteans they keep pulling from Robeasts, and even things the camera shouldn’t see like Shiro on the bridge during a secret briefing and Lance and Allura having a tender moment.

And then, off and on, we see Hunk cooking.

That turns out to be important because Hunk made some Altaean desserts that won over the Robeast pilots enough to talk to Allura.

Well, that was that.  A gimmick where the main development was Hunk made cookies.  I am so glad the final season was planned out so well…