December 1, 2022

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Sharp Objects “Milk”

Final Episode

Well, that ended.  Oh man…

This might have hit harder if I hadn’t read the book.

So, yeah, a killer was found.  Richard made some explanations, but Camille did find the killer.  She did it in a way that nearly got herself killed, and not the way we normally see in a murder mystery thriller play out.  Granted, Camille may have been a bit suicidal to begin with, and her interest wasn’t so much protecting herself as protecting Amma from Adora.

And the one real parent in Camille’s life was instrumental in saving her.  I am referring, of course, to her editor who came down to Wind Gap personally to save her.

But I won’t say much more here.  If you haven’t seen the mini-series, go see it for yourself.  It’s worth it.

Sharp Objects was not a flashy show.  It was quiet.  I don’t think Camille ever raised her voice much above a whisper.  The effect was psychological on her as she visited the town that bore her down and where no one seemed to have a kind word about her.  The closest anyone came was Chief Vickery when he said she was a lot like her mother and just wanted attention.  And by that, I mean someone recognized Adora had problems too.

I think it was clear Camille wanted to just slide off somewhere, never to be seen again if she could help it.  She sure didn’t want to go down to Wind Gap and see her family again.  Saving Amma may have been a priority, but the way the show portrayed Amma always made me wonder if she was worth it, and I don’t recall her being much better in the book.

As such, when the final clue comes out and we get the last spoken line, it hits hard.  And as the final twist was more implied and that doesn’t work as well on television, we get some mid-credits confirmation for potentially slow viewers.

Now, as far as this work goes, I felt the book was not as good as the other Gillian Flynn book I read, but that was Gone Girl, and that’s a hell of a novel.  Here, we had a really damaged woman doing a job she didn’t want and finding out things about her family she may have suspected but now had confirmation for.  That and Wind Gap treated her poorly pretty much all over town.  If anything, she seemed happier in the final few scenes (before the final reveal) when she was back in St. Louis.

Basically, this was good stuff, but it isn’t loud and flashy, so keep that in mind if that’s your thing.  9 out of 10 final clues hidden in plain sight.

But we need something else, and I can say for certain that I will stay with dysfunctional families ripping each other apart, but this time, it might rip apart the rest of the world with it as I go back to The Umbrella Academy.

Maybe this time they can save the world without destroying it.  Or at least be nice to Vanya.

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