December 3, 2023

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Locke & Key “The Black Door”

Season One, Episode Six.

Wait…they’re getting to the Black Door already?  Man, they don’t mess around on this adaptation!

OK, granted, they don’t open it yet.  This show is still often a high school drama.  That means Kinsey and Tyler are still disagreeing on what to do even as Bode finds the key to the cabinet.  It doesn’t seem to do anything, but Nina is glad someone found a key to that cabinet.

And then there’s Duncan, who can’t remember his own memories when Kinsey literally hands them to him.

But then we have some problems.  One for each Locke.

Nina is on the outs with Ellie and is the only person in town that is certain that Joe Ridgeway did not kill himself despite a complete lack of evidence.

Bode gets a threat from Echo if he doesn’t hand over the keys.  He won’t.  She promises there are other ways to hurt the family.

Like hitting on Tyler at a high school party after Jackie breaks it off with him.

But the biggest problem may be Kinsey’s.  She’s fearless now since she literally removed her own fears.  So, since Tyler won’t explore the sea caves with her, why not take Scot and her other friends in the Savini Squad?  She sure does like that weird door down there…

Then the tide comes in and the group nearly drowns when the water flows in.  Only Gabe seems impressed afterwards.  Kinsey’s fearlessness is a real problem right about now.

OK, so, that sounds bad.  Could it get worse?

Sure.  Echo gave Sam Lesser the Matchstick Key, he likes setting things on fire, and he just arrived at the Key House’s gate.