July 20, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Genesis”

Season Eight, Episode Six.

Alright, I’ve been waiting for Voltron, the Paladins, and their allies to take the fight directly to Haggar for a while now.  It’s the last season!  What’s the hold up?

Well, for one thing, they get their heads handed to ’em for their efforts.

Finally, the Paladins and the crew of the Atlas have found Haggar and her Robeasts around…the white hole that contains the mystical, mythical world of Oriande?  Wait, that can’t be good.

Yeah, apparently, Haggar’s forces have been running around, stealing quintessence from various planets, and then using those stolen cubes to amplify the power as they do…something at the center of that white hole.  And since the white hole has the giant White Lion, and it isn’t doing its job, something bad must be happening.  With a couple Robeasts patrolling outside the white hole, Shiro takes the Atlas into its robot mode to fight the things while Voltron flies inside to deal with whatever it happening in there.

What is happening in there?

Really bad things are happening in there.

For one thing, Haggar captured and destroyed the White Lion.

Um, crap.

And her plan seems to be…resurrecting Lotor?!?

Or, at least, his giant robot, which once again smacks Voltron around, forcing the Lions to separate.  Allura, thinking she has one shot, runs off on her own to take on Haggar on foot.  Lance sees this and tries to defend her, but he gets pinned down by the giant robot that may or may not contain Lotor.  Allura, after hearing the “we’re not that different” speech and offer for an alliance from Haggar, opts to save Lance.

And that’s a good thing because that would be about the point when the white hole starts to implode or explode or something really bad.  The only escape is for the Atlas to hit a worm hole, the Lions just barely getting through with them.

So, really, everyone got beat bad.  But at least they finally tried to do something against Haggar.

Then again, it was bad enough for the Atlas that Lotor’s former generals escaped the brig to offer their help on the bridge.