February 24, 2024

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Doctor Who “Planet Of Fire Part 3”

The Fifth Doctor. "Planet of Fire," Episode Three.

What is it with the Master constantly trying to burn the Doctor alive?  Why is he such a dick?

There’s no answer for that question here, but I can still ask it.

So, the Doctor and the atheists are about to be burned alive because the Master is a prophet or something when Turlough returns with the chosen one Malkon and Peri.  Turlough is smart enough to know he should stay hidden, but he can have Malkon go in and use his chosen one status to save some lives.

That works!  As does the Doctor trying to force Kamelion into not being the Master’s puppet, but then the Master pushes harder and Malkon collapses.  Back in the fire cage for the Doctor…

By then, Turlough has gotten back to the machinery and turned off the fire.  Of course, the Doctor and his allies are still locked in a cage, and Peri’s attempts to get Kamelion to be good again don’t work as he takes her prisoner.  With the more religious Sarnians, Kamelion has the Master’s TARDIS set right and takes Peri inside.  By then, Turlough has opened the cage, says he thinks Malkon might actually be his brother (huh!), and he can use his status as another “chosen one” to try and fix things.

And that…actually works.

But the Master still got away with Peri, even forcing her to move…a mystery box!

Fortunately, the Master’s TARDIS doesn’t go far.  It just went underground.  The Doctor can maybe find him if he gets some parts and figures out what’s happening.

What is happening seems to be the Master wants to tap into the fire machines deep in the planet to get himself some kind of unlimited energy source.  Peri manages to sabotage things and dodge Kamelion long enough to lock herself inside the Master’s TARDIS and then opts to open the mystery box to find something that can make the TARDIS move.

Instead, she finds the Master at what looks like half his normal size.

He probably shouldn’t have played so much with that shrink ray.  Just a guess on my part, really.