February 27, 2024

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Locke & Key “The Family Tree”

Season One, Episode Five.

You know, it sure seems to be that the Keyhouse is a bad place to go if you don’t know much about a dead relative.

Mostly because you won’t like the answers.

Yes, there is so much to learn about Rendell Locke, and so many of them are kinda…creepy.

For one, Nina sees Ellie has a scar on her chest that looked like an upside down teardrop, one exactly like a scar Rendell has.  Rendell and Ellie had different explanations for the same scar.  Who was telling the truth?  Were either of them?  Nina finds some relief from chatting with Joe Ridgeway the English teacher.

He turns up dead and murdered from the looks of things at the end of the episode.  Ellie was lurking nearby while Nina called 911.

As for the kids, they do find more keys.  The Music Box Key allows the turner to tell other people what to do.  Kinsey finds it and uses it responsibly…for about five seconds.  Making Eden, a bully, do embarrassing things at school sure isn’t very responsible.

Tyler, who is more responsible, tries to argue but he’s not Kinsey’s dad, and she doesn’t have fear anymore anyway.

But then there’s the, uh, Tree Key?  Wait, why is there a Tree Key?  That one’s new.  Is it a Plant Key or something?  That one, when used in a tree, shows mason jars full of memories.  They seem to be young Duncan’s memories.

Duncan, when grilled by Bode, doesn’t know anything about magic keys because adults can’t remember that stuff.  Too bad.  Bode could probably use some pointers.

Then again, one of those jars shows teenage Rendell murdering a friend with his bare hands…

Man, you think you know a guy!