July 15, 2024

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Into The Badlands “Chamber Of The Scorpion”

Season Three, Episode Nine.

Who would have thought that someone who took the Gift from a baby for himself and was something of a religious zealot could have bad things in mind for everybody else?

Yes, Bajie was right (for once) about someone else’s intentions, and while Sunny is glad Henry has been cured, he has reason to worry when Pilgrim gives the Gift to eight followers as the first move in creating an army.

Armies like that aren’t there for peacekeeping functions, and we’ve already seen Pilgrim control people with the Gift.  That…can’t be good.

It’s so not good the Master of the Mountain decides to recruit the Widow to help.  Now, we’ve seen the Widow fight off many, many opponents without too much trouble, and the one person who seemed to fight her to a draw was Moon, but Moon is keeping watch over a wounded Lydia right now, so he’s busy.  The Master holds the Widow off, finally shattering a sword with her bare hands, before subduing her former student because, well, Pilgrim is dangerous and the Master needs fighters who won’t follow his orders.

If we know anything about the Widow, it’s that she doesn’t follow anyone’s orders.  Granted, that makes her a poor recruit for the Master, but it does work out in that she’ll help if she can get her Gift back.  And, well, I guess the Master agreed to that.  We never actually saw the agreement…

But see, Sunny is another guy, and he doesn’t want to kill anyone anymore, so he opts to leave Pilgrim’s place…except that he might have trouble getting Bajie and Henry out.  Particularly when Bajie tries and fails to damage the weird machine Pilgrim uses to transfer the Gift to other people.

That led to a trial by combat between Bajie (and his chubby stunt double) and a Gifted follower.  Bajie wins, since he knows one Gift-related trick, namely how to shut it off.  Then he snaps the dude’s neck, so Bajie is a badass for this episode.

Granted, he goes back to jail because apparently trial by combat only counts when the accused dies.  Fortunately, Sunny plays along with Pilgrim long enough to get Bajie and Henry out before going back to damage the machine himself.  That leads to a fight with Dark Side M.K. who apparently doesn’t care if anyone else dies now, and then with Pilgrim, a fight Sunny was winning until Pilgrim charged himself up with the Gift and tossed Sunny out a window.

Yes, a defenstration.

And no, it was not a first floor window.

Maybe Sunny will land in the water below…