July 19, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “The Grudge”

Season Eight, Episode Five.

So…let’s talk about Lotor’s former generals.

Lotor, when we met him, had four female generals, all of them half-Galra.  One of them was taken over by Haggar and eventually killed off.  The other three flipped back and forth between working for or against Lotor, until finally Lotor died and they went off on their own.  One, Acxa, joins the coalition after helping the Paladins escape the other two.

You know, it also occurs to me that even though we’ve seen different bad guys (and even some of the good guys) die on this show, the Paladins have never deliberately taken a life unless Robeasts are alive.  The closest we’ve seen is Lotor, and that was more like Voltron escaped a bad situation just before it killed Lotor.  But really, the Paladins blow stuff up but we haven’t seen anything other than accidental or incidental deaths.  I suppose we could make a case for all the Galra ships the Paladins routinely blow up, but so many of the Galra ships seem to be manned by a mix of living and mechanical crew that we can probably at least pretend that the fighters are unmanned.

No, wait, Keith took out Sendak.  Never mind that digression.  Though it just goes to show how little an impact the more violent of the Paladins’ actions sticks with me.

Anyway, this episode is, in the end, about Lotor’s former generals.  We see Acxa on the Atlas not quite fitting in until Veronica finally figures out what to say to the woman whose every comment seems to put people off (aside from that one Cadet whose name I don’t know who apparently doesn’t know what “tact” is).

But the rest deals with the Paladins once again caught in a trap.  A Galra cruiser being used by pirates from the looks of things manages to subdue the Lions, forcing the Paladins to jump out onto a planet with a low oxygen and high CO2 atmosphere.  And, if there wasn’t enough to go wrong, these guys can track the Paladins by their armor and bayards, forcing them to ditch their gear in an atmosphere that will kill them eventually if they don’t find a way out.  Plus, their leader really wants Keith dead, and they’ve been using a blocker to send false messages to the Atlas.

The long and the short of it is the Paladins are smarter than that, Keith (who kept his armor longer) fights the leader, and then the Atlas shows up to take all the pirates alive.  And the leader is…Zethrid, another of Lotor’s old generals, the one that was the bruiser with all the muscle with half her face missing since her last encounter with the Paladins.  And despite the fact she’s shot off a cliff into a volcano, Keith catches her so maybe the Paladins don’t use much lethal force.

Anyway, Zethrid is mad the third general, Ezor, left her, but Ezro seems to be hanging out with Acxa at the end, so I guess those three are in the coalition now?

Are we going to actually get to the plot for the season anytime soon?  There’s only eight episodes left…