December 6, 2022

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Doctor Who “Resurrection Of The Daleks Part 1”

The Fifth Doctor. "Resurrection of the Daleks," Episode One.

So, at some point, every Doctor has to face the Daleks.  It’s, like, a rule.  But, funny thing here is that even though this is a two-part story, it’s not a short story.  This serial originally aired around the 1984 Winter Olympics, so a four episode serial was edited into a pair of extra long episodes.

But for now, the Daleks have returned…again.

It seems the TARDIS is stuck in a time corridor.  On one end is modern day Earth (you know, 1984), specifically a London warehouse.  Some guys in spacesuits are running away from some cops with machine guns or something, mowing down most of the fleeing dudes plus one old guy who just happened to be there catching a smoke break.  On the other end is a prison ship.  All the guys in spacesuits are apparently escapees, and the cops were guards sent to stop them.

And into all that, the TARDIS pops up.

But there were Daleks involved.  It says so in the title of the serial.  They’re trying to invade the prison ship, but there are too many anti-Dalek traps there.  However, they have some humans working for them, and soon, the Daleks overrun the prison ship and find who they are looking for:  Davros.

Of course he’s back too.

Anyway, there’s a virus killing Daleks, and Davros is needed to find a cure.  He isn’t happy to learn the Daleks lost their last war.  Then again, he puts one of his human rescuers into some kind of mind-controlled funk, so really, Davros is Dick Supreme.

Back on Earth in 1984, we have other problems.  A single Dalek attacks the Doctor and his friends, plus a bomb squad sent to look into whatever was going on.  The Doctor, who apparently has no problem welding a gun in this story, helps the squad take out the Dalek by shooting out its eye-scope and then pushing it out a second story window.  Dalek go boom.  Tegan, in the madness, hurt her head.  Turlough disappeared because he accidentally found the time corridor and got to the prison ship.  The Doctor learns much of this from the last of the spacesuit guys, a self-proclaimed coward with a bum leg named Stien.

This is a lot of crazy stuff going on, and I haven’t even gotten to the plan that involves cloning the Doctor and using the clone to take out the Time Lord council on Gallifrey.

Because making clones of people is apparently something Daleks can do now.

Anyway, the Doctor finally decides to go see what’s on the other end of the time corridor besides Turlough.  Turlough’s fine at the moment since he found the remains of the prison ship’s crew in hiding.  The Doctor doesn’t know that because he isn’t all-knowing.  He and Stien take the TARDIS to the prison ship while Tegan and the bomb squad holds the warehouse.  Or, they would, except most of the squad was replaced with Dalek-friendly clones.

Oh, and Stien pulls a gun on the Doctor because he says he’s really working for the Daleks.

Why would anyone work for the Daleks?  That doesn’t make a lot of sense.  Then again, Davros has probably died six times by now, so maybe nothing about these guys makes sense.

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