December 6, 2022

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Locke & Key “The Keepers Of The Keys”

Season One, Episode Four.

So, as I watch this, it occurs to me that the series is not following the same plot as the original graphic novels except in the broadest possible terms.  The characters are more or less the same, and the basic plot isn’t that different, but it’s different enough to mean that, even though I finished the comics, it doesn’t mean I necessarily know where things are going.

So, like, we see Kinsey remove her fear, but it isn’t a tiny thing she can shove in a jar.  It’s something else she can bury in the woods.  Mostly because the Head Key opens up portals to places and not just the top of the head.  That’s probably easier for the special effects.  But it also means we get to see things a bit differently.

This episode shows more fun and games with the Head Key.  Kinsey used it to remove stuff, making her less prone to immature taunts and the like, but does make it so she can submit artwork for various school organizations, make nice with Scot and the rest of the Savini Club, and even invite Scot back to Keyhouse.

That means taking Scot into Kinsey’s head, sharing a memory, and a kiss.

That’s….sweet?  Maybe?

Tyler finds other uses for the Head Key.  He can give himself knowledge by literally tossing books inside himself to romance classmate Jackie.  It…doesn’t quite work.  Being an Anglophile doesn’t mean knowing random facts about England so much as it means Jackie likes Jane Austen.

By the by, the English teacher Joe Ridgeway seems to think there wasn’t much wrong with Tyler knocking the crap outta that guy the previous episode.  That’s…not a good attitude for a teacher to have.

But amidst all this high school drama, someone has to have a real problem.  That would be Bode, looking out for Echo the Well-Lady, and how she wants more and more keys, even as Ellie makes cryptic comments to Nina and Echo visits the only other surviving member of Ellie’s old friend group, the barely-with-it Erin Voss.

Bode tried to stop up keyholes in the house with gum and got a sharp stick.  That should help!

Wait, no it doesn’t!  Those are kid solutions, and Echo does get in, slamming doors, freaking out at least two thirds of the Locke kids, and finally setting the kitchen on fire with the Macthstick Key, causing a distraction so she could grab Bode and demand another key.

But then Bode realizes something…she can’t take the key from Bode unless he gives it to her.

Huh.  Loophole.

Too bad the keys she already has cause enough trouble.  Off she goes to see Sam Lesser, and she can just a hand a key over to the boy who killed Rendell Locke…

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