June 16, 2024

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Into The Badlands “Leopard Catches Cloud”

Season Three, Episode Eight.

You know, I am really starting to think Pilgrim doesn’t have the best interests of other people at heart.

See, Sunny, Bajie, and Henry finally arrived at Pilgrim’s hangout where M.K. tries to murder Sunny because of the whole “you killed my mama!” thing.  Since M.K. has control over the Gift more than, say, anybody except Pilgrim, he does kick Sunny’s ass until Pilgrim shows up.  Pilgrim is welcoming to Sunny, even giving Sunny something Sunny didn’t have before:  Sunny’s real name (it’s Sanzo).  And hey, Pilgrim has the means to help Henry because of the thing he’s been digging out, some Old World gizmo called Meridian Chamber.

Bajie thinks this is not a good place.  Mostly because Pilgrim might be looking to make an army of people with the Gift.  Sunny really just wants Henry cured, and Pilgrim can do it.

That said, there is a war going on, and it looks like the Widow, with Gaius Chau and Nathaniel Moon, have finally had enough.  So, there’s a big battle going on with Moon seemingly more or less single-handedly taking out every one of Chau’s people on the battlefield.

Why did they need other people with that guy doing all the work?

Inside Chau’s house, Gaius and the Widow exchange a kiss, but then the Widow gets Baron Chau alone in a large room where she isn’t alone because an army of guys with crossbows come out to make a pincushion out of her since the whole thing was a trap for the Widow.

One that works until all the bolts fired freeze in the air in front of the Widow, turn around, and shoot back at the people who fired them, including Baron Chau.  That’s a nice trick.  Or really bad arrows.

Or a nice trick because it’s the Master that tried to train M.K. once upon a time.  She needs the Widow because Pilgrim is a problem.

Possibly because he used Sunny’s own special mojo to take the Gift out of Henry.

That’s good!

But it went into Pilgrim.

That’s bad.

And the toppings probably contain potassium benzoate.