September 23, 2023

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Battle Scars”

Season Eight, Episode Four.

So, the Paladins went off by themselves to find a Robeast like the one that attacked Earth and kicked a lot of ass before they figured out the things weakness.  Since these things seem to run off Altaeans, well, that would be bad.

But the universe is a very big place.

I mean, literally, that is the problem here.  They know what sector of space the Robeast seems to be in, but it’s, like, really big.  Pidge compares it to a flea looking for another flea on a dog the size of the Earth.

That makes me wonder where the cow went for some reason.

Anyhoo, Keith figures they need a break, and the planet Olkarion is nearby.  The people there are friendly.  Why not?

Oh.  Because the place is dead.  Really dead.  No quintessence dead.  And a Weblum is headed that way.  Those things dwarf, well, everything, they feed on dead planets, and they’re a vital part of the universal life cycle, so killing it isn’t an option…even if Voltron could.

Now, Weblums aren’t speedy things, so there is time to look around, and this is still a family-friendly show, so the Olkari did mostly evacuate.  We know this because Pidge, who bonded with the people there, can see what happened in flashes.  She sees things, and first Lance, Keith, and Hunk try to slow  the Weblum down, maybe divert it’s path, and Allura has a little more success with the Blue Lion’s sonic canon.  But not much.

Fortunately, Pidge sees enough.  Olkarion was a technologically advanced planet that loved cubes for some bizarre reason.  Pidge learns two things of value.

First, the Robeast is traveling by wormhole, hence the difficulty in finding it.

And second, it sure did want a lot of those ridiculous cubes for some reason.

Seriously, why cubes?