May 26, 2024

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Into The Badlands “Dragonfly’s Last Dance”

Season Three, Episode Seven.

Every time this series does an episode focusing on the Widow, it asks the same basic question:  does she mean what she says or is she just another baron like the rest?

That’s the trick here, isn’t it?  Because she’s stuck in a stalemate in the war with Baron Chau, and since this is Into the Badlands, I guess both sides keep spawning new Clippers and the like because no one ever seem to be running out of cannon fodder.  But here, for this episode, we have a situation where some of those NPCs decide to not be NPCs anymore and somehow manage to capture the Widow and Gaius Chau.

It helps that Moon is on a mission.

They’re demands are simple:  they want the war to end.  Sure, Baron Chau, Gaius’s sister, her thing is Cogs (read:  slaves), and the treaty from just anybody won’t work.  Lydia does manage to slip out, offering to take the treaty, but that was just a trick to hook up with Moon and Tilde.

And, because Into the Badlands is awesome and works by Rule of Cool, that means Tilde will take out a whole line of these mutineers with a single throw of a butterfly shrunken.  And that came after Gaius and the Widow managed to break out of their cell anyway.  So, all the traitors get to die, but their leader, the girl with one leg that Bajie helped, her thing was the Widow was turning into just another Baron, and her last words were to get the Widow to promise that she will win the war and keep her promises to remake the Badlands into a better place for everybody.

Well, that was something.  Sunny, meanwhile, goes on an expedition to find out more about that boat ride he barely remembers.  The River King promises not to do anything to Sunny’s people in Sunny’s absence.  None of the River King’s men will touch them.

If you’re smart, you may have noticed the loophole there.  It seems Sunny’s boat ride ended with himself and an unknown girl, Sunny’s sister, surviving along with the captain who took an axe to the head from some guys in red and black armor.

And then Sunny gets back to the River King only to find the King called out three dudes in red and black armor, the Black Lotus.  Cue fight scene where Sunny makes use of ladders and typewriters, but the one guy he doesn’t kill then kills himself because we can’t have all the answers just yet if we ever do.

And yes, the River King dies for that.

So, despite an offer from Bajie to go with them, Lily is going to take Sunny down to close to where Pilgrim is with Bajie and Henry before she sets herself up as the River Queen.  That’s a nice thing for a character I doubt I will ever see again.