October 1, 2022

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Doctor Who “Warriors Of The Deep Part 2”

The Fifth Doctor. "Warriors of the Deep," Episode Two.,

Look, the Doctor was only underwater for about ten seconds.  He’s not going to drown.  Stop pretending he did.

I mean, he just swims around and comes back into the Seabase from another porthole.  Meanwhile, Tegan and Turlough run around some more and even get separated.  Turlough did stun one guard with a booby trap, but he also gets caught and tries the method that only really works on Doctor Who of telling his captors the absolute truth about who he is and where he came from.  Granted, they don’t believe them, even after the Doctor shows up wearing the unconscious guard’s radiation suit and carrying the man’s weapon.  They do believe them when the search patrols find the TARDIS and eventually Tegan.

So, that answers one question about what the space-based attack satellite shot at in Part One, but who took out the underwater probe?  Was it the enemy nation referred to only obliquely because in this time line it looks like the Cold War never ended?

Nope!  It was the Silurians, and they woke their cousins the Sea Devils up and sent an attack ship to the Sea Base.  Sure, the Doctor recognizes it and urges the Sea Base commanders not to fire on it.  They do anyway, and the Silurian shields knock out a lot of the power to the Sea Base so the Sea Base can’t shoot back a second time.

Bummer there.  The Doctor suspects he can reason with the Silurians, and here is where I would point out the Doctor always tries to reason with the Silurians and it pretty much never works.

It won’t work this time either.  The Silurians are looking for war and sent ahead a monster, something called Myrka, to bash through the door and start killing all the humans.  Since that thing doesn’t look like it can be negotiated with, that’s not going to help.  It’s also resistant to weapons’ fire like all good Doctor Who monsters.

Oh, and while that is going on, some traitors have taken over the bridge and used the young guy who needs to mentally guide nuclear missiles to sabotage stuff and kill the young woman who tried to reason with him.  Those jerks!

Well, while a monster with a deadly touch is pushing its way inside, this may not be the ideal time to sabotage anything.  It gets a bit bad when Tegan gets her leg trapped under a door, and while the Doctor goes to help her, everyone else clears out, and despite Turlough’s best efforts, the guards lock the doors behind them, trapping Tegan and the Doctor in the chamber with the Myrka.

There are far too many dicks in this serial.

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