February 26, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “The Prisoner’s Dilemma”

Season Eight, Episode Three.

OK, so, last season of the show, and with the series needing to wrap up the various plotlines and, so far, we’ve had a downtime episode and a backstory episode.  When are they gonna get to the fireworks factory?

Ok, this episode.

And this episode has…call backs!

We begin with the Volton Coalition leading an assault on a Galra base, but they’re actually doing what they can to not kill anybody.  That means taking out cannons and deploying an EMP, all to get to the warlord in charge, a guy named Lahn.

And Hunk knows this guy because they worked together to keep a shield up and prevent the frying of a planet!

See!  Call back!

Too bad Lahn is like so many others bitter and angry since Voltron vanished for a few years.

So, anyway, the plan was to try and get some of the various Galra elements to join the coalition since the real danger is probably Haggar or whatever name she goes by now.  Lahn would be amenable if he wasn’t, you know, pissed at all Paladins.

So, the thing to do is take Lahn along when one of his ships sends an SOS.  Lahn had 14.  He’d sent them out for supplies.  And now, well, only one comes back?  That’s a problem.

That means investigating a ship which seems to have, like, few Galra onboard, and the ones that are there appear to be a bit…dead.  Pidge, with Allura and Lahn, finds some evidence of something that is very, very fast.

By the by, Lahn is indifferent to Allura’s offers for empathy because, well, Allura had everything and lost it but Lahn always had nothing.  Also, I still remember that Allura is a Space Racist.

Anyway, there’s a monster,  Hunk and Lance find it, but it runs past them.  Keith, with Kosmo, finds it later, and he recognizes it:  it’s the same monster he and his mother accidentally let loose during one Blade of Marmora mission.  It’s a specially bred thing that only kills Galra.  Keith being half-Galra means it gets half his attention.

So, the thing to do is blow the ship up with the monster inside.  That can work, and it also means Keith saves Lahn’s life multiple times during the escape.  So, all the heroes get out, the monster blows up, Lahn joins the Coalition, and that could be a good thing…except there may be more monsters out there, so the Coalition has to split its forces.  Keith and the other Paladins will go one way to hunt for Robeasts and the like while Shiro takes the Atlas to find more allies.

Good thing, too.  Haggar is making more Robeasts powered by angry Altaeans.