December 1, 2022

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Locke & Key “Trapper/Keeper”

Season One, Episode Two

So, what kind of show is this?

You know, besides the obvious of a horror show based on a horror comic.  I don’t want to compare this show to the comic that much right now, and it would be easy enough (the age difference between Rufus in the comic vs. in the show comes to mind), but who is this show aimed at?

I bring this up because much of this second episode seems to be high school drama involving Kinsey and Tyler at their new school.  I will give the series credit for showing the relationship both the older kids had with their dad in flashback, and that helps.  The two went through a bit of trauma, and it’s reflected in how they’re dealing with the world now.  Tyler blames himself and wants to somehow just be a good guy but a popular one.  Kinsey is withdrawn and hanging out with the outcasts in a horror movie fanclub, even subbing for a departed lead actress in the movie they’re making.  That…does not go well.

But really, high school drama usually is what interests me the least on just about any TV show.  So, I’m gonna skip all that and go back to see how things are going in the Keyhouse where Bode is still hanging out.  Apparently, he doesn’t go to school.

How old is Bode anyway?

Also, Nina makes friends with the gym teacher at her kids’s high school, one Ellie Whedon.  She knows things about Nina’s dead husband, stuff Duncan as the kid brother doesn’t remember involving a dead friend Rendell Locke never mentioned.  And Ellie’s seemingly adult son Rufus befriends Bode.

But then there’s Bode, setting traps for Echo since he just knows she’s evil.  The bear trap doesn’t work, and she just tells him he better get her more keys.  Granted, Bode found another key in the vacuum, and this one seems to unlock stuff in a person’s head.

You know, given what the Head Key does in the comics, I was really looking forward to seeing how the show used it since the promo images showed the key going into the back of young Bode’s head and all…and I’ll have to wait since the episode ended just before we saw anything.


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