July 22, 2024

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Into The Badlands “Black Wind Howls”

Season Three, Episode Six.

You know, for someone who is ostensibly one of the main protagonists, I’ve always found that M.K. rubs me the wrong way.  He was presumptuous, and even when he was helping, he didn’t seem like much help.  Then I watched this episode, saw him glower a bit in Pilgrim’s robes as he was involved in a prisoner exchange with the Widow and Tilde, and I realized why.

Kid reminds me of Anakin  Skywalker from the Prequels.  That’ll do it.

But enough of that.  M.K.’s gift had him thinking he’d killed his mother before, then he saw another vision and thinks it was Sunny, and I’m not sure why he should trust these visions at all, truth be told.  But that’s just me.

Besides, for all Pilgrim seemed glad to get Castor back without giving anything up in return, that doesn’t stop him from killing the guy later, possibly as an act of mercy.  Castor was dying anyway.

Regardless, I always find the fight scenes in this show to be really cool, but I also know I couldn’t possibly describe them very well.  And sure enough, this episode opens with a cool one as Bajie goes to help a woman named Lily, and Sunny initially doesn’t step in to help out.  So, why not instead of trying to describe it, just this once, I’ll show you with a handy YouTube video.

See, that was, if nothing else, cool use of an octopus.

Now, Bajie and Sunny are looking to find Pilgrim’s place to try and cure Henry, and Lily has a boat.  Lily is also Bajie’s ex-wife, so that means, well, she doesn’t want to deal with him at all.  And appealing to her better side with, you know, a sick baby doesn’t work since she doesn’t seem to like babies very much.

But Sunny keeps finding the boat…familiar.  Like he’d been there before.  Mostly because he had as a kid but didn’t remember precisely why.

Oh, wait, then he finds out when Lily turns the pair over to the River King for the reward money to pay her debts.  See, it’s his boat.

You know, the last time we saw the River King, he had captured Sunny and later sold him into slavery between seasons.  You know what would be a great thing to see?  How about Sunny and Bajie (and maybe even a little help from Lily) taking out all of the River King’s guys?  But not the King himself.

See, he knows where Pilgrim is.

Hail to the King, baby.  He gets to live a little longer.