April 21, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Shadows”

Season Eight, Episode Two.

Well, OK, we’re in the final season, and after what felt like a downtime episode involving dating between Paladins, so of course we’re going to jump right into what is sure to be…

Wait, no, it’s an origin story.

To be fair, it’s an origin story we probably need:  Haggar’s.  Or, as the series calls her now, Honerva.  And, basically, its about what she’s been up to, why Lotor was so messed up, and how Zarkon treated her both before and after the accident that made them both all that is twisted and wrong.

It seems Honerva was pregnant at the time, and Lotor was born to a woman who didn’t acknowledge her son.  LIkewise, while Lotor excelled at, well, everything aside from being a bit small, Zarkon punished his son severely for asking who his missing mother is or was.

Haggar just stood there and said nothing.

Heck, Lotor was actually…benevolent?  Whoa.  Who knew?  He tried to harvest quintessence from planets by working with rather than subjugating the population.

Zarkon destroyed the planet and banished his son as a punishment.

As for Haggar, when she wasn’t killing ambitious Galra and sucking the life out of nurses, she eventually remembered her past life and rather than become one of the good guys, she seems to have taken over the empire and when Lotor dies, she goes off to that Altaean colony Lotor set up, reveals herself as Lotor’s mother, and seeing how beloved Lotor was to those people, she tells them Voltron killed their patron.

So, that’s why those people joined her side.

It was a necessary origin, sure, but so far with this final season, I really wanna know when they’re gonna get to the fireworks factory.