December 6, 2022

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Doctor Who “Enlightenment Part 3”

The Fifth Doctor. "Enlightenment," Episode Three.

Well, Turlough jumped overboard on a space racing yacht.  Will he die in the vacuum or can he not even kill himself correctly?

Nah, he lives.  Another ship shows up and pulls him in.  So, that’s good news?

Not really.  This one is a pirate ship led by a pirate queen named Wrack.  Fortunately, Turlough can talk his way out of trouble and just convinces her that he can tell a winning ship when he sees one and wants to know her secret.

Considering that by the time the episode is over, two competitor ships that get too close to the pirate vessel explode for no clear reason, Turlough may be on to something.  Granted, he witnesses one of those moments–sort of–when Wrack takes him down to a secret room, but he has to stay outside while she does something to blow up another ship.

And then, the pirates do the most dastardly thing possible:  they invite the officers from the Doctor’s ship to come over for a dinner party.

Those fiends!

Now, normally, the creeps on the Edwardian vessel would ignore such a request, but the Doctor sees it as a chance to get Turlough back.  That seems to be a good idea, and he, Tegan, and Tegan’s creeper get dressed up (well, the Doctor doesn’t, but why would he?) and go to the pirate ship.  Once there, the Doctor excuses himself to go find Turlough.  Turlough had snuck off to look into the doomsday weapon, and he nearly died when someone switched the vacuum shield off while he was in there.  And asking the Black Guardian for help isn’t helpful.

Fortunately, the Doctor comes along and comes in.  He figures out Wrack must be giving these special gems to the different ships and then blowing them up if they threaten to win the race.  Fortunately, the Edwardian yacht’s crew full of Eternal creepers would never take such a gem.

Unfortunately, Tegan was time stopped and a gem put in her tiara.

Oh, and the Doctor and Turlough were caught by the pirates.

Things are bad again.  Pirates never help that much.

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