February 26, 2024

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Comic Review: Tintin In America

Tintin and Snowy go to the States to clean up corruption like all boy reporters do.

So, the third book in the Adventure of Tintin line was titled Tintin in America.  The second, Tintin in the Congo, was not included in my big box set, most likely because it has a reputation for awful racist stereotypes combined with animal cruelty.  I saw a little of the stereotypes in the first Tintin book.  Will there be any in the third?

Well, the cover shows Tintin about to be burned at the stake by some Native Americans, so what do you think?

Boy reporter Tintin and his trusty canine pal Snowy are going to America to root out some Chicago gangsters and end corruption, something boy reporters do all the time.

Yes, I am aware Tintin’s adventures were aimed at young readers.

However, news of Tintin’s trip reaches the gangsters and they try to do something about it.  What follows is Tintin chasing or being chased by various crime bosses in a world where, fortunately, every cop he meets is honest and simply bringing a mobster to the police is enough to have any mobster locked up forever.  Along the way, Tintin will travel to more rural areas where cowboy attire is the standard, run into some ugly Native American and Mexican stereotypes, and over the course of about 60 pages, end organized crime in America.

Like the previous book, Tintin’s adventures seem more episodic.  There’s no overarching plot here.  There are some rather darkly satircal jokes, like how when Tintin discovers oil, he’s offered thousands of dollars for it.  But as soon as he explains it’s on Native land, the Natives are given $25 and are forced off their land at bayonet point.  The next day, Tintin is told to ditch the cowboy clothes because he’s in the middle of a sprawling, modern city.

Overall, this was fun if inconsequential.  I am told the next book actually has an overarching plot for the course of the entire book, so I am hoping to see something of an improvement by then, and maybe find out whether or not other people can understand what Snowy the dog is saying.

7.5 out of 10 kidnapping rings looking to go legit.