February 24, 2024

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Book One “Chapter Two: The Avatar Returns”

Aang is the Avatar. But first, he must complete the training. Or save his friends. Whichever comes first.

Man, a Fire Nation ship headed for the village Aang and his new friends are calling home.  That can’t be good for anyone.  Especially Aang.

See, at this point, Aang is basically a kid and no one knows he’s the Avatar.  His antics get him kicked out of the village and Katara almost goes with him, but he still has Appa, who may or may not fly.

As far as defending the village goes, there’s Sokka.  And he tries.  He really does.  Zuko mostly makes him look like a chump, but Sokka did get a good hit in with a boomerang.  Mostly because Zuko didn’t know those things come back.  Zuko is looking for an old person because the Avatar must be really old.

Then Aang shows up and makes them look silly with just a staff and some basic airbending.  Sure, Aang will surrender to save the village, but we expect heroes to do that.  We also expect Katara and Sokka to go after them though Sokka came up with that plan by himself, and Appa can carry them.  Heck, Appa can fly when Sokka uses Aang’s words of choice.

Mostly, two things come from this episode as Aang gets loose on Zuko’s ship.  One is he is really good at creative use of airbending, using his own body as a blunt object by exhaling, scurrying all over at high speed on a small whirlwind, and doing other stuff while his hands are tied behind his back.  The only thing he does quietly is exit Iroh’s room as the old man is taking a nap.

Heck, Aang even smacks Zuko around to get his staff back since it has a glider built into it.

The second thing happens when, as soon as both Aang and Zuko see Appa flying in, Zuko manages to knock Aang overboard, and then, something happens.

Aang hulks out.

He goes supersaiyan.

The Phoenix Force activates.

He goes nova.

His avatar powers kick in.  That means all those arrow tattoos glow and he makes a waterspout that knocks Zuko overboard.  And then Sokka can hit Zuko in the head the same way Zuko did to Sokka earlier before our heroes take off and Zuko’s attempts to shoot them down results in his boat being trapped in an avalanche.  Granted, Aang’s full powers only manifest briefly, and it seems to knock him out.  Plus, even though Aang needs to learn water, earth, and firebending, he wants to stop places and have fun first because he’s still a kid.

Most interesting, now that his friends know he’s the avatar, he’s asked why he he didn’t say anything about being, you know, that guy.  Why was he frozen in an iceberg?

And Aang says he didn’t want to be the avatar.

Huh.  Interesting.