March 2, 2024

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Into The Badlands “Carry Tiger To Mountain”

Season Three, Episode Five.

Well, apparently, calling Pilgrim was a huge mistake, and not for the reasons I had thought they were up to this point.

It seems summoning him wasn’t bad because he’s a religious fanatic with delusions of godhood.  No, there’s a much worse reason.


Yes, while Pilgrim takes M.K. in, seeing the lad can summon the Gift without cutting himself, and seeing the lad wants Sunny dead for the whole “Sunny killed my mama!” thing, it stands to reason that things will get worse before they get better.  For starters, Pilgrim takes the severed heads of those ninjas to Baron Chau’s, demanding some restitution, but she just blames her missing brother.  Pilgrim, in return, says he’ll stay peaceful if he can get a large supply of Cogs.

Chau can’t spare the Cogs.  So, she decides to raid Tilde’s refugee camp.

Pilgrim’s one Gifted fellow, Castor, goes along.  That means there’s a big fight between Castor and Chau’s raiders on one side and Tilde, Odessa, the Widow, Moon, and new Widow ally Gaius Chau on the other.  It seems Gaius has a childhood connection to the Widow.  Chau’s people do capture a lot of refugees, but the Widow manages to capture Castor.

Suits me fine.  That dick was slicing people up with the bladed handles of a motorcycle.  That was not as cool to see as it sounds.

But I did say this whole thing is bad for unexpected reasons.  That would be because Sunny and Bajie do find the Witch, and she does cure Henry of the Gift…temporarily.  See, Sunny had the Gift, but some really powerful person subsumed it, making Sunny a source for others like his infant son.  Sunny will need to find a more potent sorcerer to cure Henry permanently, and the Witch suggests Pilgrim.

Now, Bajie doesn’t like this old woman, thinking she’s a liar.  She isn’t.  He just didn’t understand the directions.  Yes, according to her teachings, he sent out a distress call to bring assistance to the Badlands.  And yes, someone came.  That was Pilgrim.  Except, Pilgrim isn’t here to fix anything.

He’s here to bring chaos.


Anyway, Sunny and Bajie now need to find Pilgrim.

M.K. there wants Sunny dead, and Cressida senses he’s coming, but Pilgrim thinks Sunny will be useful for…something.

When the bad guy knows you’re coming and he welcomes that, that ain’t good.