April 21, 2024

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Voltron: Legendary Defender “Launch Date”

Season Eight, Episode One.

Well, here we are at the last season for Voltron: Legendary Defender.  Did I ever think I would get this far?


Anyway, it looks like everyone is leaving Earth to fight the Galra, and they probably left the cow behind.  But I don’t actually know one way or the other.

But you know what you need when you have one 13 episode season to finish off the story of Voltron?  That’s right!  Start the season with what looks like a downtime episode!

Because, with strong encouragement from Hunk, Lance asks Allura out for a date (dinner with Lance’s family), and she says yes.

So, much of this episode follows both Allura and Lance prepping for the date.  For Allura, that means shopping with the girls, including Pidge who was grounded.

Mama Holt did not appreciate Pidge running off to save the universe without permission at the age of 15.

Though in one of the most meta moments in this show’s long run, the original animated Voltron show is a popular animated series on this show now that the people of the Earth know Voltron is real.  That actually means in a barter economy,  Pidge can mostly sell autographs to get what she wants, but then will trade in a rare video game to get Allura what she wants.

As for Lance, he has to follow Altaean protocol according to Coran before finally getting some genuinely warm advice from Keith.

So, those two end up a couple, but then it’s time for all of our heroes, with or without the cow, to leave the Earth and finish off the Galra.  That becomes a bit more imperative when that Altaean from the center of the Robeast they defeated at the end of Season Seven wakes up and calls Romelle a traitor for betraying Lotor before passing out again.  Probably because of Haggar.  Or whatever her name is now.

Anyway, season eight, and we open with a romance.  How…unexpected?